Web Presence and Social Media – Premier Vet Alliance

Between June 2015 and June 2018 I worked at Premier Vet Alliance (PVA), a company providing Health Care Plans for pets through Veterinary practices.

Whilst the majority of my time there was spent on administration of the Direct Debits and providing customer service, for the latter half of 2017 I was also in charge of PVA’s online Website and Social Media presence.

This involved using Hootsuite to organise an editorial map of content scheduled in advance across multiple platforms (Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn and Instagram). This content was tailored toward each audience type – more formal on LinkedIn, more ‘soft content’ on Facebook, for example – but broadly followed a similar map. This was laid out around fixed Calendar events, interesting and relevant articles, updates on the Vets PVA worked with and posts about our own staff pets. Examples of these are in the below slideshow.

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Premier Vet Alliance exhibited at London Vet Show (LVS) in November 2017.

In the lead up I made a concerted effort to publicise this across our social media channels. The below images were created by myself to promote our presence at the show. This required striking a balance between matching both the existing LVS and PVA branding.

During the event itself I was present on the show floor, posting live and representing the company.

PVA held a competition for attendees to win gift vouchers. I created the below image as a means of visually conveying the winners of that competition. As with everything created for the PVA web presence it had to fit within the existing brand guidelines.

LVS Draw Announcement

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For Christmas 2017 I was commisioned by my manager and the teams Senior Customer Advisor to create a hand-drawn ‘Christmas card’ for Premier Vet Alliance.

This was displayed on the front page of the website until January 2018. Emails were sent out to prospective Veterinary practices encouraging them to visit our website and see this ‘Animated Christmas Card’.

There is a blog post explaining this in more detail.


PPCP christmas 2017 home page

The Christmas animation I created in December 2017 was featured on the main website home page throughout the Christmas holiday period. Emails were sent out to prospective Veterinary practices encouraging them to visit our website and see the Christmas animation.

In addition to the social media I was also in charge of maintaining and updating the websites across each country. This included any copy or image changes as well as updating the veterinary practice locator pages for each country.

Website - PPCP Practice Locator