Animated 2014 UK Nationals Report

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  • *This project is also available as a frontpage article on NuggetBridge*

    In May 2014 I attended the Pokémon Videogame Championships UK National and did fairly well, only just missing out on the top cut. Many competitive players write up reports of big tournaments afterwards to both reflect and help others get better, and this is my approach toward creating one of those reports. The first animation is analysing the team that I took to the event, describing how I put it together and how it functions. The second is a report of the event itself, retrospectively analysing each battle.

    Videos discussing competitive Pokémon can be quite dry and uninteresting to view, frequently consisting of static screens of stats with an overlaid narration. If you’re already into the game that’s fine, but anyone without a prior understanding wouldn’t find much to interest them in that content. With this project I aimed to create videos that even people with a casual interest in the franchise could gain some enjoyment from whilst still conveying that high level of information for those who want that.

    Just a quick note before viewing; In both videos I am narrating fairly quickly. This is to fit in all that I wanted to say in a reasonable running time (the original scripts would’ve been about 45 minutes total). I explain the reasoning behind this further in a blog post.  On YouTube there are subtitles available if that helps, and it might also be helpful to pause at points if you’re interested reading in specific text or stats.



    The team I used for the 2014 UK Nationals

    The team I used for the 2014 UK Nationals


    Click here for my blog post evaluating the final videos and reflecting on the process to get there.