A Beautiful Constraint – Book Cover

 A Beautiful Constraint – University ‘Live Brief’

DSC_0081 cropped v1


Below is a summary of the brief for this project (available in full in my submission PDF, the document I sent in for assessment along with the cover jacket. It includes the original brief and my development process).


“A Beautiful Constraint is a dynamic exploration of people, enterprises and companies that have turned apparent limitations into sources of innovation and advantage—who have found beauty in their constraints—and the approaches that drove their success. [The book] identifies a replicable, five-part methodology for people and teams who want to discover just how to make their own constraints a source of success.”
“With a design brief built into the title, A Beautiful Constraint requires a design that demonstrates a refined aesthetic and design sensibility while still remaining accessible. The book will be an entertaining read with a sense of playfulness in its tone, but it has a practical, applicable, message at its core.”


An overview of my development process is available in the aforementioned PDF and includes my research, sketches, experimentations and development toward the final design.

The original proposal was that one of the designs from the group of students working on this could end up being used for the final product. Whilst this didn’t end up happening (my personal feedback was that the books writers really liked my design but the other people involved in it felt it wasn’t ‘business-like’ enough) it might still be interesting to have a look at the Amazon listing for the finished book.



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