November 2017

I never forgot about this site. In truth I’ve thought about it quite a bit over the last year, in odd pockets of thought here and there, but it didn’t feel like there hadn’t been anywhere like the level of creative content I used to be involved with happening in my life with whch to update with.

There hasn’t even been been much involved in Pokémon over the last year (I’ve been playing the videogame competitively on and off for several years now, for those who need context). I went to Malmo for a tournament thoughthat was more about staying in Copenhagen for a week (which is a fantastic city which I would encourage anyone to visit, so clean and bicycle lanes are everywhere ^_^). Outside of that I’ve just been working, saving some money, just carrying on with life.

So what’s changed since the last post? For the last few months I’ve been in charge of the website and social media for Premier Vet Alliance, the company I’ve worked for since June 2015. This has meant I’m moving away from doing direct customer service on the phones toward what feels more fulfilling and creative, actually using some of the things learned on my degree course and being more of a creative outlet on a day to day basis.

This last weekend -well, really from Wednesday 15th through to Sunday 19th- has been focused around the social for London Vet Show, which I have been very much involved in covering across our various social channels. It’s been busy to say the least but really enjoyable to get stuck into.


Our stand at London Vet Show. I was involved in the social media and promotion of us at the show.

With regards to Pokémon I also leaped back into that the same weekend as well; by extreme coincidence both the London Vet Show and the European Internationals were held in the London Excel concurrent to each other. It was a lot of fun getting stuck back in and all things considered I did well; nine rounds in total and at one point I was 5 wins to 1 loss. A few nights of poor sleep decided to kick in about that point, leaving me poking buttons thoughtlessly and a 5-4 finish. The excellent start meant I earned championship points though, putting me just under halfway toward qualifying for the 2018 world championships.

I also came second in the art competition, winning a choice of hat and half a box of trading cards (16 packs?).

London Art Mimikyu 2nd place Edited

The central Pokémon is called Mimikyu. He’s a horrific looking monster who just wants to be loved, so created a raggedy Pikachu-esque costume to appear cuter. My 2nd place entry improvised similar designs from the original starter Pokémon. Created using those most serious of artists tools, biro and crayon.

The other thing to mention is that a month or two ago I had the chance to try out pyrography for the first time. For the unaware this is essentially drawing with heat and fire, usually into wood; you have a pen, similar in appearence to a soldering iron, with a wire heated nib. You control the heat applied through that wire nib and can create a range of marks through that and applying different amounts of pressure (essentially the same as drawing with pencil).

I discovered this technique years ago during sixth form and always wanted to give it a go so it was great to finally get to have a go. Christmas may well result in my own kit for this so hopefully more pieces will appear in the new year :).



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