Dublin, Bravely Second and Logos

Apologies that it’s been so long between updates, I’ve been busy with Pokémon tournaments and there hasn’t been a significant quantity of creative things to update here outside of that. However now I’ve gotten several things that should be posted here, as well as some graphics type projects that are happening, so here we go.

I’m doing reasonably well in Pokémon, coming 4th at a midseason last weekend essentially ensures that unless I really mess up at Nationals I will have an invite to compete at Worlds this year in San Francisco. I’m not going to go massively in depth on that here though, instead I want to mention another project that I’m involved with that has spun out of all the tournaments. My friend Matteo Dorrell has started a Pokémon VGC talkshow on YouTube called Goldenrod Live and asked me to create some logos (two of both image and text) for that. There’s also plans to create a short opening sequence and some other bits and pieces in the future which I’m quite excited about doing. My intention is to create a blog post here detailing the creation process of those logos and the animation once it’s done as I think it’d be an interesting thing to document, but in the meantime here’s the finished images. They focus around specific imagery from the games, imagery that would be recognisable to players (the target audience) but which hopefully stands out on its own. There’s also plans to animate the wireless ‘waves’ from the tower.

Goldenrod-LIVE-Logo Goldenrod-LIVE-Script-Train-LogoMAIN-LOGO-ON-TRAIN


One bit of animation news that has intrigued me is the announcement that Toonz 2D software is now available as an open source free download. This is the software that is used most recognisably by the Japanese studio Ghibli but also by the studio responsible for Futurama, indicating that it’s certainly a high level piece of software and making it all the more interesting that it’s now available for anyone to download. I’m certainly intrigued and will be giving it a look in a few weeks once I’ve sorted the previously mentioned opening animation.

As I haven’t got much time to do the formatting and typing I like to do with lots of images the rest of this post will probably be a kind of image dump of an update. Hopefully they’re still interesting with minimal explanation though.

Below are some photos I took of a collectors edition of the game Bravely Second. This is by far my favourite limited edition set; besides all the usual bits and pieces you’d expect the packaging is so nice and then the art book, it’s incredible, the sort of thing you would expect to spend £20-£30 on in a shop. Really awed by it.


Lastly I went to Dublin about a month ago for a Pokémon regional. Lots of interesting things there, with the highlight being the Guinness Storehouse tour (in particular the floor dedicated to Guinness advertising and their gravity bar on the top floor, a round panoramic room with glass walls and a spectacular view of the city). The Jeanie Johnston famine ship museum tour was also really interesting, where I learned more about the potato famine that caused millions of Irish to either flee the country or perish (including my own ancestors).





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