January=Wakefield, February=Glasgow, etc

Just a quick update on how things have been going and are set to continue for the next few months. Pokémon is really getting into gear for this season now, we’re about half way through the Regionals now and they’re taking me to all kinds of interesting places that I haven’t been before. I went to a Premier Challenge (one of the smaller tournaments) in Whitford on New years day, Truro halfway through the month (stopping off in Plymouth for dinner and a catch up with a friend) then Wakefield (just south of Leeds) nearer the end of January. Considering how many other events surrounded Wakefield I opted to do the whole thing in one day to keep costs down which unfortunately meant I didn’t get much time to explore but it was still a great day. The venue was the Elizabethan Gallery, a really interesting old building that I gather had been various things including a school and a market at various points. It was a bit crowded and I forgot to take photos but it was certainly an interesting venue for the event.

Fastforward two weeks and I’ve just gotten back from a long weekend in Glasgow. Saturday was the tournament and whilst I didn’t do terribly things didn’t go great either but all the same I had a great time. Some of my friends were streaming and commentating the event and ended up with the most viewers of any official Pokémon event ever, including Worlds, which was a great achievement to be witness to.

Travel back to Bristol was on the Monday as plane tickets were about £50 cheaper which gave me Sunday to explore the city. Most of the art galleries I wanted to visit were shut on but Goma was open.

Otherwise these are some of the sights that interested me whilst walking around. I should point it was raining incredibly hard that day, enforced by really strong blustery wind. As such I didn’t take all that many photos and those I did were not carefully framed at all, most were taken ‘from the hip’, so to speak.


Now I’m planning the next few months activities. There’s possibly another Truro trip at the end of Feb but Dublin the first week of March is the next big Regional that I’m currently planning and getting excited for; I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland. Following that there’s one in Longjumeau (South of Paris) at the end of March, then Sutton Coldfield in April. Pokémon is certainly keeping me busy and getting me about, seeing the country and making friends and I’m really enjoying it. 😀

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