Harry Potter Studio Tour

As a Christmas present from my parents yesterday (28th Dec 2015) I went along to the Harry Potter studio tour at Warner Bros. Here they have all the sets, props, costumes, equipment, conceptual art and models used within the eight films out on display for the public, all displayed within the same studios that were used filmed in. Lots of really incredible and interesting things are there and it’s well worth taking the time to view if you get the opportunity.

Rather than typing loads to describe it all I’ll post the majority of my photos with captions and a sentence or two describing where necessary (hover over the images or click them to view captions).

These photos were all taken on my iPod, apologies for any grainy or otherwise poor quality images. My excuse is that large crowds and fluorescent lights don’t make for good phone camera photos.



Of course the Graphic Design section was of interest to me. I had an idea how indepth this department went already thanks to a book my sister bought last year describing it all, but all the same it’s really impressive seeing it all in person.

Creatures and prosthetics was equally as interesting, lots of animatronics here and again, the level of detail is astounding. Each of the goblin hands for example has unique details up to and including liver spots, veins, scratches etc.


The Diagon Ally set is of course impressive, especially when you realise that everything is made from what effectively amounts to heavily processed cardboard.


Now we get to some of my favourite sections. This was blueprints, ‘white card models’ and concept art. The majority of the art here would stand up on its own merits even without being part of the film process.

And finally the really awe-inspiring part. A fully to scale, room-filling model of Hogwarts. This was used for any aerial shots and flying around the castle exterior and is genuinely incredible to behold. I kept on thinking about how they’d made it look wintery with all the added snow and that in a few months time that would all have to be painstakingly removed. It apparently took nearly two months with a whole team of people to create. Really incredible, I’d almost say the studio tour is worth going to just to see this.


One other last little thing, there were various embossing stamps placed around the studios. I get the impression these were primarily for children (there was a stamp book for them or something like that?) but it doesn’t make sense not to use at least one of them to emboss your entry ticket. So I did 🙂

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