Happy Christmas

Just incase you missed the annual hype; It’s Christmas! Which of course means things like presents, meeting up with family & friends, eating far too much and in my case going for lots of walks. But perhaps most importantly it means getting time off of work. As a result I’ve been getting back into the animation I’ve been sort of neglecting these last few months and I’m getting really excited.


The above is an animated Christmas card that I threw together over an evening for everyone at work. There are of course things that could be improved upon; the dogs head really needs more than 6 frames and conceptually the entire room isn’t needed, cropping in on just the window with the cat sat on the window ledge and the dog looking out may have been better. Still, considering how quickly this was thrown together I’m quite pleased with it and it went down really well in the office.

It’s gotten me excited for the chance to create something over the Christmas break, that’s for sure. I’ve been wanting to do a kind of video blog for my Pokémon exploits for a while now, now that the 2016 rules have been announced it seems like a good time to do a summary of how the last few months have gone for me.

In other news I saw the new Starwars yesterday. Really enjoyed it, I’m always cautious about proclaiming things to be the best thing ever immediately after experiencing them but I think it’s definitely amongst my favourites from the franchise. Whist the plot did retread old ground quite a bit which was my main gripe, as well as a few inconsistencies that would be a spoiler to go over here, overall it was so well presented that you don’t really care.

Today the Peanuts Movie is released in the UK so I’m waiting to head down and see that, I’ve been excited about this for months so hopefully it’ll live up to my internal hype 🙂

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