Where is my animating time? – September/October 2015

Despite my plan to create a kind of animated-video-blog for this year focusing on my Pokémon VGC progress in practice I’ve found it very difficult to find time to make significant progress towards completing even just one video, let alone ones frequently. I guess a lot of that is the medium I’m choosing; animation takes several days minimum (at the moment my free time is pretty much restricted to evenings, working 9-5 with weekends chock full of tournaments does that to your free time :P).

In comparison I collaborated with a friend of mine recently, Jamie Miller, to create some video content for his YouTube channel. It was just a Skype conversation where we discussed a best of three Pokémon battle from a recent tournament in Yeovil, despite some internet problems on my end it took about 3 hours total to create and within 24 hours it was on YouTube. That’s almost certainly an unfair comparison but still, it might be the case that I should focus less on the complexities and just focus on getting content out there.

That said I have begun work on my own video content. Whilst there isn’t much that I’m prepared to show at this point i do have quite a few logo designs and variants that it might be interesting to look over in terms of the design process. These aren’t finalised (not entirely convinced by the colours I’ve gone for for one) but it’s still an interesting record of my thoughts.


The channel is intended to be named ‘CinaclovVGC’ – my online user tag is Cinaclov with VGC being the obvious addition to that. What was immediately interesting to me was that VGC both begins and ends with the same letters as VGC begins and ends in, eg; VGC-Cinaclov (C – C) and Cinaclov-VGC (V – V). I made a few rough sketches in my notepad to try those out, decided CinaclovVGC was the preferable way around then threw some of the ideas together more formally in Illustrator. You can see some of those initial ones above. I tried experimenting with different ways of combining the ‘v’ from ‘Cinaclov’ and the ‘V’ from ‘VGC’ to varying degrees of success whilst still conveying the iconography of Pokémon. In this case that was the Pokéball icon as well as roughly the same shade of blue I used throughout my 2014 animation (itself based on the blue present in the background of a linked battle within the game). In these early ones that colour value for the blue was entirely arbitrary/’by eye’. The font is Futura, the same as I use across this site and my main Animation YouTue/Vimeo accounts – helps build consistency,

Expanded on those by further trying to emphasise the Pokémon iconography throughout both the text, icon and the ‘connective V’s’ but it doesn’t really work very well at all. Simplicity is best in this case.

Then I began paring things back, opting to ‘combine’ the V’s by hovering one above the other. Experiments with the Pokéball to replace both the G and C took place and whilst it’s a nice concept I ultimately think it works better separately. The blue and slightly darker red were due to me actually checking which shades complement each other better whilst matching with what I’ve already created brand wise on this site. Whilst this might be the case I’m not 100% sold on it, the brighter blue has a more ‘upbeat’ tone to it, might re-evaluate that selection.

CinaclovVGC Logo Test008 Pokeball at end and signature placeholder

The grey box is a placeholder for other text/an illustration.

The above is where I currently am residing. Overall the composition is one I’m happy with, maybe with a small illustration filling the space below the ‘Cinaclov’ (grey box on the image). The other thing to consider is how to condense this to a square user profile image – Maybe the hovering V’s?


In other news I went along to Bristol Anime and Gaming Con back in early October. Whilst there I attended a portfolio review session hosted by Crown Root/South-Blessed. Met lots of interesting people and it sounds like there’s a lot of opportunity to get involved with other people through those groups but it’s finding the time once again to attend meet ups for them; there’s an on going email conversation about meeting up with all these other creatives which sounds fantastic but they’re all during the office hours I’m working. Ah well. Such is life 🙂

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