Encounters Film Festival

Just a quick update whilst I’m feeling inspired to do so. I went along to Encounters Animation showcase 2 this evening, subtitled ‘The March of Time’. Everything there was of a great quality and really worth seeing, if you have the chance to go to anything similar I’d always reccomend making the effort, rarely has Encounters or any other festival of its kind disapointed me. Lots of really thought provoking ideas and themes throughout and it’s really gotten me inspired to do my own things.

One of the most interesting aspects was that it ended with Don Hertzfeldt’s most recent film, World of Tomorrow. It was released on Vimeo a few months back as the test subject for a new rental system they were trying and as Don is one of my favourite animators I had of course coughed up and seen the short numerous times (watch it here, it’s fantastic, well worth the £3 for a months rental). The version shown tonight had an improved audio mix from what I could tell but perhaps far more interesting was being part of an audience for a short that I knew fairly well and thus being able to pay attention to the reactions. It’s an interesting experience, you almost feel kind of paternal about the film in an odd way, seeing how others respond to their first exposure of something you already know and love. Plus I got to see it again prior to the BluRay being shipped in January.

In other news, I went to my first Pokémon tournament of 2016 last weekend. I came 9th, slightly frustrating as it was a top 8 cut for the finals but nevermind, there’ll be loads more and my friend Kyle did go on to get 2nd overall. It’s led to a lot of content ideas (see previous update) including both a more ‘standard’ team/tournament analysis closer in style to my 2014 videos but there’s also discussions about having a group discussion about the current state of the game, recording it, editing it down and animating over that. Discussions are still ongoing for that but it’s really exciting.

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