Now and Later

Apologies for the lack of updates so far this year, I’ve been doing temp work during the days as well as house hunting, which seems to have accounted for most of my time recently. I did go to an event by Show Me the Animation in early February where Jonti Picking (Mr Weeble) spoke about his career, I’ll do as I have done previously for similar events and list my notes from the event at the bottom of this post, but otherwise I haven’t done much of interest creatively these last few months. .

That should hopefully be changing. I’ve recently moved into a house in Bristol so have a fixed address of my own for at least the next year, meaning I can focus more on animation, job hunting, attending events etc. As part of that I’ve added an additional project to my portfolio page, a publication I created at Uni called Wireless. Whilst it was created a while ago (at the end of my second year so just under two years ago from the time of writing) it’s still my most significant piece of printed graphics to date. Unfortunately as a result it doesn’t come across quite as effectively digitally, but I hope it’s still interesting and is worth having a look all the same.

If all goes to plan I intend to have my showreel of work from last year ready by the end of this week and hopefully things’ll pick up from there 🙂


Show Me the Animation – Feb 4th – Jonti Picking (Badger Badger, Magical Trevor, etc)

– ‘Failed’ at art – Did an art foundation, learnt Flash.

Weeble and Bob was his first ‘noticed’ Flash, was designed to work with the limited internet of the day (2002?). Simple shapes kept rendering and loading small.

MTV called about a TV series – Never give up your rights.

– How to Live – Weeble’s Stuff cost money to run. Kept it going through;

– Sponsorship deals/adverts

– Merchandise (T-shirts)

– Commisions

It’s good to know people who know what they’re doing.

Did an advert for 118 247 (Directory Heaven), which was voted the 6th most irritating ad of 2008.

– Pitching outside the internet –

Make a pilot then shop that around, much easier to show people than explain. If the pilot doesn’t take off you can change it into a standard short.

Flash sucks = very buggy to use

AFX is much better – Has a camera, Sub-Pixel Blending, 3D space, works with vectors and bitmaps and includes Puppet Rigging (puppet tool)

– YouTube doesn’t care for Indie Animation –

YouTube rewards frequent uploads, quantity not quality. Great for Video Bloggers, rubbish for animators. Long watchtime is also favoured, as are regular uploads.

– Not all subscribers are shown all your uploads

– Channels benefit from a ‘face’, something animators might not be comfortable with.

– What to do –

Be everywhere (Newgrounds is still good)

Promote, don’t be served to

Pay subscriptions (for accessing your content?)

Form a collective/collaborate

Crowd Funding – Patreon, Kickstarter, Indigogo

Used Kickstarter to fund their Savlonic music videos – £12,500 to master the record.

Remember that everything costs money – Mastering, Remixes, Art, Shipping, Production, etc.

Cost £9,000 to make the first video. Second video happened due to success of first.

– Making animations = write everything down, tidy it later.

Work with people you like

Annoying, repetitive noises make things catchy.

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