I’d intended to create a showreel of my 2014 work last week, but whilst working on it Monday I received a call asking if I’d be interested in two weeks temp work. As previously stated I’m going to have to move out soon into my own rented place, so I’ve been working on that 9-5 the last week and will be for this coming one. I’d forgotten how much of your day a 9-5 actually takes up (it’s usually about 8pm before I’m free in the evenings), and add to that it’s office work I’m doing meaning the last I want to do in the evenings is computer work and it ultimately means I’ve had to put that showreel on hold for a little bit. That isn’t to say I haven’t been considering it and have nothing to show here though.


Lightbeam sequence

As with other large gifs you may need to wait for several seconds for it to load


About two months ago (it really doesn’t feel that long) I wrote up a post stating that I had been experimenting with a forest animation, using assets I’d created entirely in computer as opposed to hand-drawn. That project has sort of fizzled out, probably due to the lack of definite plan I had for it (possibly a lesson there?), but whilst gathering my material together for a 2014 showreel I had a look back at what I’d achieved for it. The above sequence isn’t really refined, if I were to continue the animation I’d probably have included a background texture of tree silhouettes, more variation in the lighting, perhaps additional smaller lightbeams along with other bits and pieces to improve it, but the main lightbeam itself is still really nice. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s going to fit into the showreel, it’s intended for a much slower pace sequence, but it’s still something that I wanted to show people. The effect is actually a really simple one to create, creating a transparent image layer with hundreds of light coloured speckles and slowly transitioning it (both in terms of movement and opacity) over a heavily textured shape, but it works really effectively. It’s something I think works really well and which I’d love to use in a piece at some point, even if it’s not the forest animation.



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