Bristol Moviement

This past weekend has been really busy for me, attending lots of events around Bristol. Most of those I’m either not sure if I’m allowed to cover (eg; Thursday I was working on a video at the Creative Federation which isn’t yet published) or otherwise aren’t generally interesting enough to be worth going over here, with the exception of Bristol Moviement. Moviement was an event held this Saturday at Hamilton House in collaboration with lots of production related groups from Bristol, consisting of screenings of locally produced films, talks from the people behind them and a general opportunity to network with other creatives.

I spent the majority of my time there watching a Q&A session from Bristol cameramen Jon Davies and Josh Gaunt, a showing that lasted about 2 hours and followed a structure of showing a short or a clip from a piece they’d worked on, followed by a ‘how it was made’ and general questions before then moving onto the next video and repeating. Josh’s work seemed to primarily be documentary which I did find quite interesting, but it was Jon’s experience as an animator that I felt was most useful and relevant to me.

One of my favourite parts was his discussion of working on a music video for Radiohead’s 2003 song There, There; this was the first time I’d seen the video and thought it was really effective. After viewing the video there was a brief ‘making of’ clip that Jon talked over, discussing things like how pretty much everything was filmed in camera, how they achieved certain shots and the ‘animated’ look of the human/real life elements (basically achieved by cutting out random frames from the footage).


The final clip was from a film I also hadn’t heard of before, The Fear of Everything, which features a dream-like animation segment. A lot of the techniques listed for the There, There video were applied similarly here, with pretty much everything being shot in camera.


Whilst this didn’t appear as any kind of clip or ‘formal’ part of the screening Jon did mention The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb several times as something to make a point of watching, a film that again I hadn’t seen but which looks quite cool. From my notes on the Q&A sections the most interesting piece of advice Jon gave was to become an extra for TV; it’s a good way of making contacts, getting a look behind the scenes to see how things work as well as making a bit of money. In his case it’s actually led to several years work as various monsters for Doctor Who, which is kind of cool.

Moviement included some other bits and pieces as well, live comedy and things like that, but it was definitely the screenings that were the highlight for me. If you’re in the area next year (assuming they intend to make it annual) and are interested in any part of film production (I’ve just focused on the animation stuff here, there was lots besides) then it’s definitely worth heading along next time an event like this happens.


In terms of this coming week, the main thing for me is that a friend in Cheltenham has asked me to visit Thursday-Saturday to help out with a short film he’s making. It’s also possible I’ll be visiting the Creative Fed’s studio in Bath again midweek, but that looks set to be the main thing. It might mean another slightly delayed post next week but we’ll see.

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