Places and People – exploring Bristol

It’s been a fairly busy week for me, with lots of meetups and exploring Bristol. It seems like pretty much every evening last week I was out at events meeting new people which is great (my handshake is definitely getting better) but ultimately quite tiring when combined with the early starts I’ve had recently to let the builders in. There’s a lot of good people in Bristol doing all kinds of creative stuff, and I very quickly realised that even going out without the intention of networking, say to a videogame evening at a pub, you end up meeting people who are working on some creative project that could benefit from animation or illustration and they’re keen to see your stuff. Always keep cards with you 🙂

I also went up to Bath to visit the Creative Federation and have a general catch up as I hadn’t really spoken to anyone from there since before my degree show. The morning was really interesting, I had a look at what they’d created the last few months before discussing the animations I’d made since May, then looked at some of the stuff they’re currently working on. The main thing seems to be an advert for a food product that mixes animation and live action, it should be quite cool when it’s done in a few months time.

Besides that there are a couple of more visual things I found that are fairly cool I want to share here. The first is actually from inside the house I’m staying in; as I’ve previously mentioned there’s a lot of building work going on here which includes a lot of removing/building doors/walls. I’ve been allowed to draw on one of the walls as it’s just going to get redecorated later anyway, and whilst there’s not much of note on there drawing-wise (unless you’re really into doodles of Spider-man), this was kind of cool. A few weeks back I drew a dragon in flight on the upper part of the wall and in the past week a doorway has been added just below it, removing the lower half of the image. This photo was before the door was tidied up and I really like it, it makes it look like the dragon is sneakily looking out from the top of a rocky cliff.


Whilst walking through Cabot Circus, one of the shopping centres here, I noticed a load of etchings embedded into the wall alongside some stairs. Besides the obvious (they’re depicting various faces) I have no idea the significance behind them, but it was nice to find something organic and handcrafted encased in such a defined construct (the rest of the centre is the same as hundreds of other shopping centres I’ve visited, lots of glass and white plastic)

Another discovery, whilst walking through the area south of the rivers/harbour (I don’t know the area name, sorry) I saw this mural on the side of a building by a car dealership. It’s really cool, I like it.



In other news, there’s a new Peanuts trailer. Whilst I’m usually extremely cautious of adaptations of older work the early concept art and this trailer have made me quite excited for this. I like how the animation style is an extension of the original 2D work, rather than a full blown CGI fest like so many other childrens animations of recent years are. I’m hoping that there’s less of the flying sequence type stuff from the trailer in the final film though, the music doesn’t fit brilliantly and I’m not entirely convinced about the dramatic camera swoops. Part of the reason I think the rest works so well visually (besides keeping everything on the traditional Peanuts 2D plane) is there’s no motion blur, each frame is it’s own complete image. There’s an article on Cartoonbrew that explains this quite nicely. I’ve been going through and pausing the trailer at various points just to test this out.

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