Networking and animation Feedback

Last Thursday evening I went to a networking event run by Cahootify, an event I’d discovered through Meetup. It began with a talk from Paul Dudbridge about how projects either get started or why they don’t happen and the common reasonings behind that before moving onto getting jobs. Even though it was aimed toward live action film making it was still a really interesting talk with lots of useful advice (things like always emailing back to say thanks, offering more than your just official job title when collaborating, not turning down free work as that can lead to bigger roles later, etc), as well as recommending exploring the social triggers site as there’s a lot of applicable advice on there. Afterward I got talking to alot of other creatives there and ended up with a big list of useful resources, websites for meet ups, studios, finding actors, etc. It was a really useful event to have gone to, definitely something I’d make a point of going along to again.

Complete change of topic here, I decided to try a new banner across my sites. The idea is that the wind design shows my illustration style whilst also connoting movement, but I’m not entirely certain about how successful it is in conveying that. I’ll leave it a bit then perhaps have a tinker later on when I’ve had time to think about if it works or not.

Graffiti I found on a wall near central Bristol. Considering the content of this blog for the last few months it seemed appropriate.

Graffiti I found on a wall near central Bristol. Considering the content of this blog recently it seemed appropriate.

The NuggetBridge article that I’ve mentioned a few times in relation to my Pokémon animations is now live, and has been for a few days now. Of course now that I can’t make any more edits to it (only site admins can alter things that are live) I’m noticing all kinds of grammatical errors, odd ways I’ve phrased things or other little mistakes that should really be improved upon, but that’s just the way things go. Overall I’m just really happy it’s up there for people to see. It’ll be interesting to see the effect this has on the videos viewing figures from here on out; Both videos were uploaded on October 22nd and as of the NuggetBridge articles upload (Nov 4th) had achieved views of 124 (Analysis) and 101 (Report). At the time of writing (9th of November, 5 days later) those views on the videos have increased to 953 (Team Analysis) and 729 (Battle Report), a relatively big increase. It also seems to have had a knock on effect to my other videos, an example being Arithmetic increasing by a good 50 views or so in that same period. Which I guess means people enjoyed my animations enough to want to see more content of mine. Great! 😀

Friday evening I went along to a Pokémon tournament in Gloucester, something I wouldn’t usually mention on here but is significant this time as a way of getting impressions on my tournament animations. The feedback was pretty much unanimously positive from all the Pokémon fans there, and a friend of mine who’s studying film in Cheltenham said the whole thing was really professional visually and it was just the audio, both the narration speed and overall quality, that let it down (although he noted the improvement from the first to second video). Both of those points were things I’d already surmised myself but it’s always good to have confirmation and to realise that there’s nothing else wrong with it. Considering the rest of the online feedback as well I’d say this project has been pretty much a success.

There was one conversation in particular I had whilst at that tournament that’s worth repeating. I was discussing the animations with someone when he said he’d also had a look at the other videos on my YouTube channel, including my short Innocence for Sale. He admitted it’d made him cry before getting quite annoyed that it’d only been viewed about 14 times, before stating that it was something that “everyone needs to see”.  In terms of really honest face to face feedback from a stranger that’s definitely one of my highlights.


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