Living in Bristol

I’ve taken a few days off from making animation since finishing the Pokémon Nationals animations, partly because they were so intensive for what feels like a very long time but mostly because I’ve been in the process of moving and beginning to live in Bristol. The situation for me is that I’m living in a house here that my cousin and his family have just bought, the plan being that I live effectively rent free for a couple of months in exchange for helping with building work and babysitting. That’s a really great arrangement for me, allowing more time before I have to find something to bring money in. The flip side is that I’m not going to be completely in charge of my own time management, everything has to be done when people are here to do things like removing waste, plumbing etc. I’ve already spent a couple of days pulling up carpets/underlay and looking after children.

That said I did find time to create and add some gifs linking to my various social media pages. There are some other tweaks I want to make to this site when I can; in the past I’ve found I prefer investing time into making actual animated shorts than little bits for the site but I’ll make a more active effort to improve things. There’s lots of ideas for animated shorts in my notepads, similar in scope to my Arithmetic piece, that I’d like to have a go at as well, so at the moment I’ll probably potter along doing little bits for toward either the site or one of those when I have the time available.  YouTube Vimeo Twitter

I submitted an article containing my Pokémon animations to NuggetBridge (one of the main websites for the VGC) a little while back and hopefully that’ll be posted within a week or two. If it does (and I can’t see any reason as to why it wouldn’t be posted) that”s a really good source of publicity for them; one of the battle videos from my YouTube page from the UK Nationals was included in another tournament report and is currently sitting at about 700 views with no other promotion by me. I’m hoping this would have a similar effect for the two animations.

Finally, on a bit of an aside, this was by far the busiest Halloween I’ve ever experienced. I’ve never been a big one for the festival but it’s difficult not to get swept along when there’s lots of excitable children turning up at your door every few minutes.

Because Halloween

Made because Halloween



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