Final Four Minutes

I’m definitely getting there now. 7 out of 8 battles have been animated, leaving just the final battle (and the longest from a narration point of view), along with the ending thankyous, left to go. I had thought a few days ago that I could perhaps be done by Monday evening, but after spending most of today working on other things that needed my attention asap that looks very unlikely. Wednesday seems a realistic goal. Then I’ll write up some sections to connect them, submit it all as a front page article on NuggetBridge and see where things go from there. Once again I feel there isn’t much to show here, but it did dawn on me that I haven’t yet shown any of the actual AFX file in progress so I’ve included a quick screengrab of that, because why not? Along with the usual gifs of course. This’ll likely (hopefully?) be the last update including them, I might make a page in the portfolio section collecting them all afterward.



How things look on the main composition at the moment. The highlighted part of the timeline is what remains to be completed- about 4 minutes (I’d imagine about 3 days work?). After that is credits. Looking back it might’ve been better to unhide all the timelines for this screengrab, but at least it demonstrates how neat and tidy I like things when working 🙂



Sableye Taunt


Garchomp Slash (without overlaid effects)

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