Charging along

Early in the week I decided to re-record the narration for the second animation. Listening back to it I’d edited it to be as short as possible, but that included removing all the natural breaks and pauses so that it moved along at a blistering pace with practically no gaps for about 11 minutes solid. Whilst it is important for this to be as concise as possible that was almost un-listenable, hence the re-do. I added a short 4 second gap between each battle in the tournament to provide a break in the narration (thinking I can visually fill it with a title card summarising where I was in the tournament at that stage) as well as consciously leaving slightly larger gaps than I previously did between sentences. The result is an audio track that has gained about 2 minutes, bringing it up to just under 14 in total, but which is (I hope) much more listenable.

Thinking about it I’ve also decided to double down on what I’m attempting to achieve each day in terms of animation. Up until now 1 minute a day is what I’ve been aiming for, but I’m anxious to try and get this done so I might double that,  aiming for 2 minutes a day. On the surface that seems like a sizeable distinction but I’m hoping that the fact that I’ve already completed loads of pre-comps along with the use of title cards and other stats will mean this piece moves along more swiftly. I could be wrong though, we’ll have to see. At the moment it’s sort of working, I’m managing just under a battle a day – at this rate I should be finished within 2 weeks, probably a little sooner.



Zapdos using Charge. Looks better in video, but this is still cool



I was intending to show a 30 second battle sequence, but it wasn’t having that so here’s a summary. The preview here is very low quality for some reason, if it’s the same in the actual post I apologies, I’ll look into it when I have more time (hah XD)






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