PlayRough Pocket Monsters

Something that’ll come as a great shock to all, I’ve spent yet another week animating. Due to the nature of that there isn’t much for me to recount here, so instead I’ve taken a little time out to produce some gifs showing a little of what I’m doing. Remember that this is all work in progress, subject to change and all that.


Mawile’s PlayRough attack. Very much a work in progress.


The above is part of a sequence I was working on today (as in this morning those creatures were little more than PSD image files) so there’s definitely things that need to/will change. I think it works here though, it has a sort of self contained narrative that doesn’t need much additional context.



In contrast this is a sequence I created as a pre-composition to apply to other scenes. Why make a gif out of this? Mostly because it loops nicely, and flying animations like this are something I’ve found really tricky to get right and this looks pretty good overall.


Something I have been considering is the background. The first video (the one I’m predominately working on at the moment) is about my thought process in relation to team building; it’s largely just visualising thoughts, and for that a plain white background works well. Throughout the planning for this I haven’t given much though to the backgrounds besides that, but it’s dawned on me in the last week that the actual battles might benefit from something else to indicate that this is me commenting on events that actually happened. The easy answer would just be a coloured background, but that seem a little too simple and perhaps uninteresting? Does it need to be anything else though, if it does the job (indicates that I’m depicting different events) is it worth the extra effort for anything else? Something to think about I guess; It’d be a fairly simple thing to drop it in behind everything at the end (thankyou computers ^_^) so not all that pressing. I’ll see how things stand later.

Speaking of which, if I carry on at the rate I’m going everything should be done by this time next month. It’s quite likely that the updates on here in the time between now and then will be more of this, gifs showing what I’m currently working on, as opposed to lengthy text updates. Although I seem to have managed okay on that front today.

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