Colouring in

As the title says, basically. When I finished drawing the images early in the week there were a total of 53 A4 pages, each with multiple illustrations, and all required ‘cutting out’ into individual files and colouring. Consequently I’ve spent quite a few hours digitally colouring in this week and not much else. Admittedly I did make the process a little more tricky than it needed to be by deciding that an inky texture would be good for this animation (similar to my previous animation Arithmetic), meaning that instead of just using Photoshop’s own colouring tools I’m having to cut shapes out of other images but at the rate I’m going at things should be done and ready to put together by Tuesday. My new laptop arrives Monday, just in time to test everything out on it.

Whilst working on this I realised that the images look quite striking without the illustrations on top, just the bold colours for each image. Considering how far I am I’m definitely going to finish with the stye I’ve begun with, but once done I think it’d be worth doing an abbreviated version of the battle reports and removing the line drawings from each illustration. This should take minimal work to do and would be a good way of testing things out.


Venusaur wip

To demonstrate everything I’ve just said, here’s Mega Venusaur. You can see she’s constructed from four separate drawings, each individually coloured -Separating each element of the final image into individual illustrations allows me to do more with the whole when animating. I noticed many of them look kind of cool without the drawn lines (see top right), it might be worth pursuing that as a visual style?

All this drawing and colouring isn’t exactly mindless, but all the same isn’t something that requires complete devoted attention. I’ve been using this to catch up on animated features that I’d otherwise missed. Top of that list for me were two films that seemingly couldn’t be further apart; The Secret of NIMH and Waltz with Bashir were both fantastic and are definitely worth watching (or at least putting on a list of things to watch when you have time). The Prince of Egypt was another that I enjoyed, just not quite as much, I’ve never really been a fan of singing in films, but considering the lack of traditional animation in cinemas you have to take what you can get I suppose.

On that note, there’s a project started up by some ex-Disney (and other animation studios, but mostly ex-Disney) to create a series of hand-drawn animations. Titled Hullabaloo, it’s currently at the crowdfunding stage on Indigogo but is already well over it’s target (170% over at the time of writing) so is pretty likely to happen. Definitely one to keep an eye on.




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