Drawing, Scanning, Colouring then Animating

The majority of this week has been spent on progressing my tournament report animations (besides taking a few hours out to write up my previous blog post). The new microphone arrived early last week, I’ve been using it extensively since and unless anything goes significantly wrong later in the process of creating these videos all the audio should be ready. This leaves just the drawings to create (which I’m almost done with, unlike recording VO I enjoy drawing and can spend days on end on it) along with the colouring of them before I can begin to actually animate. I’m starting to get excited about the project again now I feel things are progressing

Rather than just leave this as a text entry I’ve included some of my recent drawings along with quick explanations on their intended use. It’s all quite obvious stuff to people who use Aftereffects, and is probably too brief to make much sense to those who don’t, but all the same it helps keeping things visually interesting on here.



The only other real thing is that now it’s (almost) September it’s dawning on me that I’ll be moving to Bristol fairly soonish, and as a result will need a new laptop to produce animations with. I have a rough idea of what I’ll go for but I’m still not 100%, but it’ll probably turn up in a future post when I get one and am all excited about it. Just as a warning : P



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