Arithmetic – Animated Short

Deciding this week that I was spending too much time on the Pokémon Battle reports at the expense of creating other animations I took a few days out to make this.

There’s also a YouTube link if people prefer to view there

Near the start of the week I was feeling a little down about how on-going the Pokémon tournament animations were and I was debating whether I should still proceed with them. Discussing this with other people confirmed to me that yes, it’s definitely still worth proceeding with it, but in the short term I wanted to just get on and animate something. There was an article on Design Taxi a little while back showing a series of adverts contrasting the cliche super-easy Maths questions with the nonsense vocabulary of finance, which I felt was a great idea for a quick animation, something I could get on and create in a short space of time.

The ad that I based this animation on. Created by Zoo Advertising for Pottinger Advisory Firm.

The ad that I based this animation on. Created by Zoo Advertising for Pottinger Advisory Firm.


I started sketching out ideas, storyboarding etc, was all set to go, then found my mic had stopped working. Well, it does still work, just all recordings through it sound like a Dalek so it’s largely unusable. I spent a day or two trying to sort that, searching for a replacement (would you believe that none of the physical retail shops in the Newbury area sold any standing mics, even computer specialists?) before deciding to just use my laptops mic to record this short whilst I waited for one off the internet to arrive. When I actually got around to it this short only took about 2 days from the point of scanning the drawings in to a finished video, but it took all week to actually get to that stage. Nevermind though, these things happen and I’m pleased with the result.

A page of sketchbook plans for Arithmetic

A page of sketchbook plans for Arithmetic

There weren’t many other notable things that happened this week besides the microphone failure (for those interested the replacement was a Samson Go USB mic which so far I’ve found to be great). I did finally find the tools and time to take apart and repair my 3DS’s analogue slider though (the circle pad you use to control all the games). Months ago the slider fell off and in a really inspired moment I tried using UHU glue to stick it back on. This went predictably well and I glued the slider in one position. I’ve bought myself a replacement 3DS XL since then but it’s always good to have repaired a piece of technology, especially when it would’ve cost £50-upward to send it off for official repairs.


Just to demonstrate for those who’re lost; that White circle is what you use to control games and it fell off. I glued it back on. It didn’t slide afterward.




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