Recording and Drawing

Just a quick update this week. I have been voice recording for the on-going animations but thanks to a combination of factors (children’s birthday party, heavy rain outside, etc) I’ve currently only finished one of them, the shorter team analysis, with the longer tournament report still to do. In the meantime I’ve been working on storyboarding and drawing assets to use for it. Carrying on carrying on basically, but at least there’s something visual to show for it.



Other than that not a great deal has happened this past week. I saw Guardians of the Galaxy Wednesday, which is fantastic fun and definitely worth seeing. It would almost certainly be my favourite Marvel film if Winter Soldier hadn’t also been brilliant but in a completely different genre and style that makes it almost incomparable to Guardians; it’s like trying to compare James Bond to Star Wars. It is good that the Marvel films are going beyond the sort of ‘superhero action’ they’ve all had up until now and starting to work on their own merits though, hopefully superhero can stop being referred to as a pseudo-genre now.


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