Hyper Japan and Editing Scripts

Yesterday I went with some friends to the London ‘Hyper Japan’ expo. For those of you without the faintest idea what that entails, it’s basically lots of Japanese media/culture on display in a kind of exhibition/convention style. I enjoyed it, although I don’t feel like I have a huge deal to say on it as a whole event really, it was basically lots of stalls selling/advertising things with various events happening on stages set up around the perimeter, with added cosplay, but as I say I did enjoy it. Just hanging around people with similar interests to me is always cool.

That said, looking back on it there wasn’t that much in the way of animations there. The brands that come from Anime had a huge presence of course, but it was all concentrated around figurines, artwork, cosplay, replica swords, periphery things like that. It’s not a huge deal, and I’m not saying I’d want to go to an event like this to watch animation (it’s too noisy for one) but I would’ve appreciated some sort of ‘behind the scenes’ stuff to look at; storyboards, concept art, etc. But nevermind, it was only in retrospect I considered that so it can’t have been a major detraction.

I’ve put the more general showfloor images into one slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There were a fair few people selling prints and T-shirts, these were some of my favourites.

Something that’s been a curiosity of mine since they were announced, I was able to have a look at some of Nintendo’s Amiibo figurines. Collectable figurines with characters that tie into the forth-coming Smash Bros games, they’re fitted with NFC chips (think London’s Oyster cards) that allow you to save stats and progress from the game to the figurines. It’s very similar to how the Skylander games work, and I was expecting the figurines to be similarly chunky, so being able to see that they’re actually quite precise and detailed was a nice surprise. No idea if I’ll actually invest in some when released (I’d prefer figurines I can pose, allowing me to potentially use them for stop motions later down the line if I decided to, Figma do some really good ones like that) but these were a nice discovery.

And swords. Lots of replica swords on sale, and whilst I don’t think they’re anywhere near the best money could buy they are fairly cool, and would be pretty good if you were into cosplay. But I’m not, and as I didn’t feel like spending £50 on something that’d just end up being stored somewhere out the way, I didn’t. One of my friends did though, along with a canvas image and a few other impulse buys like figurines. Watching him struggle through the underground turnstiles was great (it was his own fault for buying so much).

I took some photos of the sunset coming back. These were from just outside Reading, I think they’re pretty cool.


I feel I should probably put something about how my own animation related work has been going, but it’s sort of the same as last week; nothing visually interesting to show. I finished the scripts, one at 7 pages and the other at 11. I knew about the average of two minutes to one page, but thought I’d give recording a go as is on the shorter one. I’m currently about halfway through the script with 8 minutes recorded, and whilst a 16 minute piece for one of them might be okay I can’t really have two pieces, one 16 minutes and the other 22+. At the very least I can’t imagine most viewers would sit through all 40 minutes, but there’s also the issue of animating it all (even if I was only planning to do basic things to illustrate what I’m saying), so Ive decided some heavy editing is required.

The state of the scripts.

The state of the scripts.

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