Graduation and script progress

As has been the trend the past few months I’ve been really busy this last week, but unfortunately there’s not much in the way of interesting visuals to show as a result. My graduation happened last Wednesday and whilst I enjoyed the day I’m still uncertain as to how much of a swizz the actual ceremony is; nearly £100 for the robes and tickets in order to sit in a church for an hour practicing endurance clapping? Hmm…

All Bath Spa graduates have to dress like Ravenclaws

All Bath Spa graduates have to dress like Ravenclaws

We’re having a family meal at home today to celebrate instead of having one on the day of graduation (a family meal is apparently a customary thing to do). It works out cheaper and you can invite more people, with the flipside being most of the day’s taken up so there’s less time for working on the Pokémon tournament report.

I’m getting close to starting creating things I can show you for the Pokémon report, one script is just over 7 pages and hopefully finished and the other is 2/3rds there and about 5 pages. I want to make sure I get all the information correct before recording dialogue as it’d be a faff to sort out later (and someone will definitely call me out on it if I get things wrong, the internet’s unforgiving like that :P).

Regardless of how well things are going with the scripts and audio recordings, they unfortunately don’t result in interesting visuals I can upload here. So instead, here’s some graffiti I found under a bridge in Newbury.

Quack not Crack

With any luck by next week I should at least be working on the assets for those animations, if not actually starting animating, but it’s likely I’ll have to go up to Bath again somewhen next week to sort some lingering bills from my old house there, amongst others things, so we’ll see how things go.

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