The past week; Bristol, Bath and Basingstoke

This last week I’ve been all over the place with unfortunately very little time for animating, although I did manage to update and upload my degree show animation which I put up a seperate post for
(or you can see it by clicking here)


I won’t dwell on the particulars from the last few days (lots of it is traveling), but whilst traveling about Bristol and Bath I did find a few interesting things that I’ll share photos of here. Bristol is a really interesting place to explore from an arty point of view, there’s quite a bit that’s really cool, hopefully I’ll be moving up there myself in the Autumn.

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Something that deserves particular mention was the stuff in Bristol Temple Mead’s station. The illustrations on the wall are quite cool, but the really significant one for me was the pixelated statue of a school girl. It’s kind of terrifying but at the same time is really amazing. Maybe inspiration for an animation down the road, we’ll see…Illustration in Bristol T-Meads sation


A few days later; Basingstoke. I was there for the Basingstoke Live event, but of more interest here was the temporary art gallery in the shopping center.

In other unrelated ‘news’ Mum decided to make a series of graduation cards to give to friends in anticipation of my graduating (next week folks), and I think they’re pretty sweet.

Graduation Cards



And I’ll leave you with this I found in a road service station whilst on my travels. Because it’s got such a terrifyingly endearing smile that couldn’t possibly give anyone nightmares.

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