Animated Pokémon tournament report – preperation

In May 2014 I attended and played in the UK Nationals for the Pokémon Videogame Championships and did reasonably well, only missing out on the final 32 because of the way the ties for those top places are decided. Many people in the competitive Pokémon community write up tournament reports and analysis’s of their teams afterward; I thought why not go one further and produce an animated version? Obviously this’ll take more time than simply doing a written version (it’s already been two months just to have enough free time available to work on it) but I think the finished thing could be far more enjoyable, even to people who don’t follow or necessarily understand the competitive side of Pokémon.


My notes and sketches for my animations on the 2014 Pokémon VGC - Yes I illustrate my team stats sheets

Notes and sketches for my animated report on the 2014 Pokémon VGC UK National event – Yes I illustrate my team stats sheets

So that’s what I’ve been doing the last few days; sifting through old notes and team information before organising it into a kind of script. The plan is to write up my general thought processes for both my team and the games I played through the tournament, noting what elements I’d need to draw or animate as I go, before recording a voice recording of that text. After storyboarding, the Pokémon and anything else I want to animate will be hand-illustrated (the example in the photo above was one I created whilst waiting for the train and consequently is one I might re-do, but it is similar to how the others will be) before being scanned in, coloured and set up as assets for use. Then I’ll get on and animate, using the recording to time the different movements.

The final piece will be split into two videos, one for the team and one for the tournament itself, and hopefully I’ll be able to get most of the first one completed within the week but I’m reluctant to say that it will be for certain as I’m in Bath/Bristol from at least Monday through to Tuesday, possibly longer. I’ll be sure to post images from the process as I go along though.

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